What You Need to Know About Samsung Blockchain

Blockchain has gained some grounds in the last two years, and the big tech companies have moved in. Here is what Samsung is up to with its initiative.

Blockchain is a life-changing technology and it’s been making its way into many sectors of the world such as in business, communication, agriculture, supply chain management, health, and lots more. However, did you ever imagine that leading tech companies like Samsung will also implement blockchain in their devices?

The creation of the Samsung blockchain is a huge development, and there are lots of benefits attached to this development. Though the tech gadgets company stated that they built a blockchain because they are in support of decentralized services, there’s so much to learn about the Samsung blockchain. In this article, you’d find brief but concise facts that you need to know about the Samsung blockchain.

Blockchain and Tech Gadget Companies

Many tech giants have been silently developing and announcing their plans for deploying the blockchain technology in their products. Apple, for example, has reportedly claimed to be following cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology as a whole, tipping it as a sector with massive potentials in the future.

Apple has also been building protocols and has even launched the iPhone CryptoKit. Other tech companies like LG has also declared that they have completed their research on the blockchain ecosystem; so, the blockchain tech will soon find a strong footing in the tech gadgets industry.

More About the Samsung Blockchain Ecosystem

Samsung has equipped its flagship smartphones with decentralized applications and blockchain service providers. Although it is still in its early phase and is only compatible with flagship models like Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Note 10, Note 10+, and some other variations of the S10-series.

The company’s intent was stated along with the release detailing the fact that they are in full support of a decentralized system, which is secure, transparent, and with proper detailing of transactions among multiple registers of all computers involved in the block.

Samsung launched its pioneer blockchain flagship, the Galaxy Note 10 variant, known as the KatlynPhone, which has the same features as the regular Galaxy Note 10 but with tweaks to include software containing decentralized applications and a cryptocurrency wallet. That much for smartphones.

The testing phase has been underway since early 2019 with significant improvements in the DApps created with the inclusion of new apps for each stage of the test. Though the company claims to have just begun to scratch the surface of the blockchain ecosystem, they have made a huge statement of commitment with the release of their second blockchain phone.

The company’s team has started to create systems to store private keys for Stablecoins, Enjin Coin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and, more recently, Bitcoin. The company has also been pushing for intricate variations of the blockchain, which will aid the development of cutting-edge technology for storing cryptocurrency and building decentralized applications (DApps).

Samsung has also announced that moving forward, it will expand the range of models that the blockchain technology is compatible with. In the company’s own words, “DApp browser is a tool for developers to set things in motion and for allowing web-based blockchain applications to work on mobile phones.


Safe to say that blockchain is the future of tech. With Samsung making inroads in this sector, we are likely to see more innovations show up in the days ahead.


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