Investing in Tough Times: 3 Lessons You Can Use for Stock Picks

In times of great peril on the earth, people embrace doomsday scenarios and let go of rationality. In these days of rage, here are tips you can use for stock picks.

Tough times are always accompanied with a hit in stock prices the world over, and the reason is that many investors tend to get uncomfortable and sell off their shares. Recession is a prolonged period of significant decline in economic activity.

However, if people can learn to forego fear and learn how to invest properly, it could turn out to be a great opportunity for high returns. Before you rush into investing your hard earned money vaunted finance experts are all for it, you should consider the following for your stock picks:

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1. Investing in High-Quality Stocks

Investing in high-value company stocks is one of the relatively safest things to do in tough times. Many of these companies have long business histories of strong balance sheets, which enable them to survive a prolonged period of weakness in the market.

Though many of them have also dropped in value, it is noteworthy that their decline isn’t a result of poor management but an unfortunate world catastrophe. When things return to normalcy, most will bounce back, and you’ll be a big winner if you have made long-term investments in these companies.

Some of such high-quality stocks are:


Medical services are always required irrespective of the economic condition, and investing in pharmaceuticals and medically related firms is one of the safest means of minimizing risks and ensuring high returns.

As the coronavirus halts the global markets and people are forced to stay at home and self-isolate, companies that produce home medical equipment like Adapt Health Corp are benefiting from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tech Companies

Over the years, tech companies have also proven to be resilient in tough times. For example, Microsoft stocks fell by 5.4% in February, this created a very rare opportunity to obtain such high-value stock at that cheap price. Next-generation technology growth catalyst companies like Intel are also a nice place to invest for unbelievable maximum returns.

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2. Non-Cyclical Stocks

These are defensive stocks that are not affected by a decline in economic growth. These stocks are from companies who produce and distribute essential goods and services needed daily, including staple foods; utilities, such as power, water, gas; and waste management.

Unlike cyclical stocks, these stocks do not have any direct correlation to the economy, and that’s why they are resistant to the effects of unstable markets. A good example of such stock is Walmart, which has recorded an ever-increasing high value despite the coronavirus outbreak.

3. Diversification

Learning how to diversify is very crucial when it comes to investing in tough times. It would be unwise to put all your eggs in one basket, and that’s why every smart investor spreads their investment over a range of investment vehicles.

It is even wiser if you spread your investments over different sectors. Many smart investors have used this management strategy that combines different investments in a single portfolio. It is aimed at yielding a higher return while minimizing risks.

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