As COVID-19 Unsettles Global Business, Here Are 5 Client Management Tips That Can Help You Save Money

With COVID-19 putting everyone on tenterhooks, the likelihood of burrowing deep into a shell is high. However, you need these tips to make the best of the situation.

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Businesses all over the world have taken hits from the current pandemic. From closing down completely to losing lots of customers, the effects vary depending on location, business size, and industry of operation.

On the other hand, some businesses seem to have the whole situation hacked; increasing their customer base, cementing the loyalty of existing customers and, overall, even doing far better than they were during the pandemic.

What differentiates the survivors from those who are going under? A big part of the answer has to do with client management.

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What You Need To Do

Client management is how a business interacts with customers to ensure they’re satisfied with their services, increase retention rate, and ultimately get references to new customers. Below are some client management tips for these uncertain times:

Stay in Touch: We understand that you’re struggling with other parts of your business and trying to hold things together. However, it is important that your customers don’t feel disconnected from you during this period. While it’s “just business”, don’t forget that your clients are still human and we all crave some sort of connection.

You don’t necessarily have to communicate every day, but a weekly newsletter may not be a bad idea. “Out of sight is out of mind” goes the saying, so seeing a mail with the name of your business keeps you in their mind and they will be less tempted to go shopping for options among your competitors.

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Resist the temptation to skimp on quality: This is important because almost everyone else is doing this and avoiding that trap will stand you out. With lower revenues, businesses are looking to cut costs by lowering quality while selling at the same price.

If you have to, you might even raise prices slightly, but if you communicate properly (check point 1 above), your customers will appreciate your commitment to quality and keep patronizing.

Pay extra attention to feedback: With lockdowns and working from home arrangements, people have more time on their hands and feedback about products and services will be on the increase.

Watch these closely to feel the pulse of your client base and tailor your services and products to fit their desires. A golden rule of client management is that the customers themselves are your best teachers. Listen closely enough and they’ll show you how to serve them.

Throw in as many freebies as you can afford: A marketing and customer service trick that’s as old as time, giving customers a bit more than they paid for is always a sure winner. Either it’s free delivery or some form of discount, your clientele will be grateful, and you know what that means; loyalty.

Think like a product manager: At the beginning of every week, you should ask yourself or your team “how can we make the experience better for our customers this week?” It may be as simple as adding a button to a mobile app interface or reducing payment and checkout to just one page. Consistent improvements show customers that you are committed to serving them better.

Managing clients effectively is a tough balancing act, but following these will not only save you from losses, but protect your bottomline.

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