Some Promising Binance Chain Projects in 2021 You Need To Know

Binance blockchain is growing in leaps and bounds, and these are the promising projects to look forward to as the year progresses.

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It’s been almost two years now since Binance launched its own blockchain with high hopes. While the main apparent use of the blockchain – allowing immediate trade of cryptocurrencies, including pegged ones, for an ultra-low fee – has been definitely successful, there’s a whole other side of Binance Chain we hear about much less often: The Binance Chain-based projects with which Binance would be directly competing with long-established development blockchains like Ethereum.

It won’t surprise anyone, knowing Binance’s track record, that this side of Binance Chain hasn’t been abandoned. It has, in fact, been steadily growing, slowly but surely, towards success.

Binance Chain is not a huge blockchain yet by any means, and the community at large still seems to prefer Ethereum or Ripple, but it’s definitely getting established and attracting decent projects with it. Here, we have a list of some of the most notable ones.

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Out of the many blockchain-based video and media distribution services, Verasity seems to be the one closest to reaching success and obtaining some degree of mass usage. This blockchain was created in 2017, although it didn’t launch its ICO until two years later, in 2019.

Back then Verasity, as most blockchain-based system, was housed in the Ethereum network. It was in the second half of 2019 that the project migrated from Ethereum to Binance, where it has resided until today. The project isn’t yet mainstream, but its tokens see constant trades and the price has remained relatively stable, which is good news for a still fledging blockchain-based service.


It’s impossible to speak of blockchain projects and services in 2021 without DeFi being somewhere in the list. For Binance Chain, ZeroSwap is the go-to project when looking for blockchain-based financial services and automated token trading.

There’s little one can say about ZeroSwap that hasn’t been said in general about DeFi projects before: ZeroSwap allows users holding crypto tokens to loan them as liquidity to the blockchain. Said chain, in turn, uses them to allow others to perform token exchanges. Trading fees are added to the pools for each trading pair, essentially passing the fees along to the people providing liquidity as a payment for the service.

However, while pretty standard, there’s one special detail about ZeroSwap that many other DeFi projects don’t have: ZeroSwap supports not only Binance Chain, but also Ethereum, allowing for exchanges between tokens of different types.

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Here’s a somewhat uncommon blockchain project: An auction house.

While we regularly see DeFi projects these days and blockchains attempting to forever change the face of the worldwide economy are a dime a dozen, auction houses are for some reason nowhere near as common.

Now, Bounce isn’t exactly the place you can got to auction off your great-grandmother’s old antiques, or at least not unless you tokenize them first – for the blockchain is made specifically to auction non-fungible tokens.

Right now, naturally, its use is relatively niche. However, it has gained traction because over the last year NFTs have gained market share, particularly among collectible projects. If said projects find strong userbases or become sensations like CriptoKitties, we’ll also see Bounce grow with them – and considering the current media involvement in new NFT-based project, this isn’t so much a matter of if, but one of when.


In a world where social media is a part of most people’s lives, and where users have increasingly grown wary of the companies behind them and how they handle users’ personal data, Mithril might well be the correct blockchain for the times.

Mithril has always been one of the main blockchains on Binance Chain, partly because it was one of the first – depending on how you see it, THE first, even – projects on it. Its main goal, which is to allow social media users to get paid for the content they create, isn’t necessarily new (most blockchain video sharing and media projects share this aim) but bringing it to social media in general as opposed to just videos a là youtube certainly seems revolutionary.

On top of this approach of letting users get paid for the content they create (and the engagement it drives,) Mithril’s goal isn’t to become a monolithic, self-contained entity. Instead, Mithril embraces what was a common feature early in the 2010: It’s programmed to allow other social media platforms to integrate with it shall they choose to do so.

This could well be a game changer, since one of the main difficulties a social media project faces is finding users. If Mithril, or Mithril-based apps manage to enter the Facebook or Twitter ecosystems, Mithril might well obtain some users from the larger social media.

On the security and privacy side, because that’s what most social media users worry about these days, Mithril presents a fully decentralized social media system using blockchain technology – which would make it essentially impossible for any third parties to hack in and steal users’ data.

It is important to know that since all user data would be handled as described above, presumably not even the owners of Mithril could in any way manage or sell a user’s personal data.


The list of projects that appear promising on Binance Chain provides an insight on the possibilities that the blockchain holds. As the year progresses, it would be clear how much value an investor could explore with these iterated projects.


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